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NuBuild: Distinctive Medical Development Solutions

PCI | HealthDev's NuBuild solution turns exceptional healthcare professionals into successful business people. NuBuild delivers value through expertise in land development, medical real estate financing, project management, real estate asset management, and cost-effective design and construction.

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Medical office/building construction demands specialized knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations by leveraging PCI | HealthDev's medical development expertise and knowledge during site selection, and medical space utilization planning and design, while partnering with best-in-class medical construction companies.

Through our Preferred Vendor Program, we vet and utilize some of the most reputable, progressive, and knowledgeable professionals in the medical construction industry. In order to assure that our stringent timelines, quality, and cost controls are adhered to, we oversee, manage and review all aspects of your development.

PCI | HealthDev's Preferred Vendor Program allows us to offer our healthcare providers national medical development scope while still maintaining local knowledge and resources dedicated to each project.


PCI | HealthDev's expertise and track record in medical real estate development, successfully procuring construction and permanent financing, project management, real estate investment management, and cost-effective design allows us to work more efficiently and effectively in order to deliver your next project across the following medical real estate modalities:

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