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Asset Monetization

Value Enhancement

PCI | HealthDev's AssetMax program assists clients who desire to monetize their medical real estate asset(s) by evaluating, identifying and implementing value enhancement opportunities, including: 

  • Lease modifications, extensions, and/or renewals with practice or provider

  • Property renovations/improvements

  • Title work (modification, changes, and/or removing encumbrances)

Once the value enhancement efforts are completed, PCI|Healthdev then manages the entire marketing and disposition process in order to maximize the value of the asset while allowing the current owner to focus on their core business. 

PCI can also assist in more complicated situations, such as setting up a structure whereby certain current investment partners can “cash out” of their ownership interests in a real estate asset while the remaining partners keep their ownership interests and/or acquire the interests of the partners who wish to cash-out.  

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